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    Climate models disagree on how the year-to-year variability of the El Niño/Southern Oscillation will change in a warmer world. Using a high-resolution climate model with an improved tropical Pacific mean state, research now suggests that El Niño activity tends to get weaker under GHG-induced warming.

    • Shineng Hu
    Nature Climate Change 11, 724-725
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    Climate services have long sought to bridge the gap between climate science and improved societal decision-making. Now, a study finds that fulfilling that promise will require rethinking the norms, institutions and governance of science itself.

    • Meaghan Daly
    Nature Climate Change 11, 721-722
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    Access to modern energy sources is essential for sustainable development and human well-being. However, a recent study uses a bottom-up model to show how lack of access persists until 2050 under different socioeconomic pathways and decarbonization scenarios.

    • Jon Sampedro
    Nature Energy 6, 773-774
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    The difference between tropical east and west Pacific sea-surface temperatures affects local and global climate, and most climate models suggest a weaker future gradient despite a recent observed increase. Research now suggests the recent trends are due to a transient delay in east Pacific warming driven by cold water upwelling and aerosols.

    • Malte F. Stuecker
    Nature Climate Change 11, 645-646