Nature Research currently supports:

Nature Research Awards for Inspiring Women in Science

Nature Research, in partnership with The Estée Lauder Companies, launched two annual awards in 2018 to celebrate inspirational early-career female researchers and those who have worked to champion women and girls’ participation and retention in science. 

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Nature Research Awards for Driving Global Impact

The Nature Research Awards for Driving Global Impact, celebrate early career researchers, whose work has made, or has the potential to make, a positive impact on the global challenges.

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The Spinoff Prize

The Spinoff Prize has been established by Nature Research in partnership with Merck to showcase and celebrate global excellence in the commercialisation of research through the creation of spinoff companies.

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Nature Awards for Mentoring in Science

Since 2005, Nature has sponsored annual awards which recognise scientists who have made outstanding contributions to mentoring early-career scientists. Each year the awards focus on one or more countries.

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The John Maddox Prize

The John Maddox Prize recognises the work of individuals who promote sound science and evidence on a matter of public interest, facing difficulty or hostility in doing so. The prize is a joint initiative of Nature, the Kohn Foundation, and the charity Sense about Science.

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The Global Grants for Gut Health

The Global Grants for Gut Health is a competitive grant programme for investigator-initiated research into the human gut microbiota, supported by Yakult and Nature Research. The programme considers proposals for one-year research projects that advance understanding of the impact of the gut microbiota on human health.

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Eppendorf Young European Investigator Award

Nature supports the Eppendorf Young European Investigator Award. Launched in 1995, the annual award is given to a young scientist who is chosen by an independent scientific panel.

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