Monkeypox outbreaks: 4 key questions researchers have

Researchers are racing to understand the latest monkeypox outbreaks — from their origins to whether they can be contained.


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  • Detailed structural analysis of Palaeospondylus gunni from the Middle Devonian period shows strong resemblance to Eusthenopteron and Panderichthys, indicating that it was a sarcopterygian and most probably a stem-tetrapod.

    • Tatsuya Hirasawa
    • Yuzhi Hu
    • Shigeru Kuratani
  • Two remarkably large sites in southwest Amazonia, belonging to the Casarabe culture, include complex civic-ceremonial architecture and large water-management infrastructure, representing a type of tropical low-density urbanism that has not previously been described in Amazonia.

    • Heiko Prümers
    • Carla Jaimes Betancourt
    • Martin Schaich
    Article Open Access
  • A small molecule can bypass the RNA-editing enzyme ADAR1 to directly activate the Z-form nucleic acid sensor ZBP1, induce necroptosis in tumour fibroblasts and reverse resistance to immune checkpoint blockade in mouse models of melanoma.

    • Ting Zhang
    • Chaoran Yin
    • Siddharth Balachandran


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