Viral pathogenesis

Viral pathogenesis is the process by which viruses infect and cause disease in a host.

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    A recent study provides new evidence that rotavirus-infected cells produce pancrine signals that uninfected cells respond to, leading to intercellular calcium waves and ultimately to diarrhoea.

    • Ashley York
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    This study reports the identification and characterization of spindle-shaped viruses that infect a marine ammonia-oxidizing thaumarchaeon and that are distinct from other known marine viruses.

    • Andrea Du Toit
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    The recent large outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Western Africa resulted in greatly increased accumulation of human genotypic, phenotypic and clinical data, and improved our understanding of the spectrum of clinical manifestations. As a result, the WHO disease classification of EVD underwent major revision.

    • Jens H. Kuhn
    • , Takuya Adachi
    •  & Zabulon Yoti