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    Charge carriers in an engineered bilayer Mott insulator are predicted to form tightly bound, mobile pairs, glued together by string excitations of the antiferromagnetic order — a scenario that can be tested with quantum gas microscopy experiments.

    • Martin Gärttner
    •  & Markus Garst
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    Heat transport measurements on twisted bilayer graphene reveal a strong asymmetry between electrons and holes — a consequence of band reconstruction, induced by electronic interactions, at partial fillings of the moiré superlattice.

    • Petr Stepanov
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    Low-temperature measurements on twisted bilayer graphene show that the exotic ‘strange metal’ state is almost certainly caused by interactions between electrons.

    • Tobias Stauber
    •  & José González
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    The discovery of charge density waves in a heavily doped cuprate strengthens proposals that these symmetry-breaking modulations play a role in the anomalous electronic properties of high-temperature superconductors.

    • Mark P. M. Dean
    Nature Physics 18, 379-380