Structural biology

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    Computational analysis and mechanical testing demonstrate that the skeletal system of a marine sponge has, through the course of evolution, achieved a near-optimal resistance to buckling.

    • Matheus C. Fernandes
    • , Joanna Aizenberg
    •  & Katia Bertoldi
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    The structural foundation of self-assembled peptide materials is typically the β-sheet. Here the authors describe peptides made of three natural amino acids that self-assemble into helical-like superstructures with enhanced mechanical rigidity.

    • Santu Bera
    • , Sudipta Mondal
    •  & Ehud Gazit
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    A polymeric protein complex consisting of a newly identified magnetoreceptor protein and known magnetoreception-related photoreceptor cryptochromes exhibits spontaneous alignment in magnetic fields.

    • Siying Qin
    • , Hang Yin
    •  & Can Xie