Spintronics is the use of a fundamental property of particles known as spin for information processing. In many ways, spintronics is analogous to electronics, which instead uses the electrical charge on an electron. Carrying information in both the charge and spin of an electron potentially offers devices with a greater diversity of functionality.

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    Ferroelectric switching of spin-to-charge conversion can be achieved at room temperature in germanium telluride — a Rashba ferroelectric semiconductor — deposited on a silicon substrate.

    • Ruixiang Fei
    •  & Li Yang
    Nature Electronics 4, 703-704
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    A substantial spin–orbit interaction is introduced in a purely silicon heterostructure and can be tuned through an applied gate voltage.

    • Christopher H. Marrows
    Nature Materials 20, 1177-1178
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    Spin waves can carry information that could be used for data processing, but producing and controlling them can be challenging. Now it is possible to generate short-wavelength coherent spin waves that can travel at high speed over a long distance.

    • Markus Münzenberg
    Nature Physics 17, 985-986
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    Solid-state hydrogen gating of a ferrimagnetic metal enables independent reversal of Néel and magnetization vectors by an electric field.

    • Morgan Trassin
    •  & John T. Heron
    Nature Nanotechnology 16, 953-954