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    A robust, cost-effective technique based on whole-exome sequencing data can be used to characterize immune infiltrates, relate the extent of these infiltrates to somatic changes in tumours, and enables prediction of tumour responses to immune checkpoint inhibition therapy.

    • Robert Bentham
    • , Kevin Litchfield
    •  & Nicholas McGranahan
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    NumPy is the primary array programming library for Python; here its fundamental concepts are reviewed and its evolution into a flexible interoperability layer between increasingly specialized computational libraries is discussed.

    • Charles R. Harris
    • , K. Jarrod Millman
    •  & Travis E. Oliphant
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    A new computational framework, novoSpaRc, leverages single-cell data to reconstruct spatial context for cells and spatial expression across tissues and organisms, on the basis of an organization principle for gene expression.

    • Mor Nitzan
    • , Nikos Karaiskos
    •  & Nikolaus Rajewsky
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    To enable a quantum computer to solve practical problems more efficiently than classical computers, quantum programming languages and compilers are required to translate quantum algorithms into machine code; here the currently available software is reviewed.

    • Frederic T. Chong
    • , Diana Franklin
    •  & Margaret Martonosi