Reproductive disorders

  • Perspective
    | Open Access

    Over ten years, the Human Microbiome Project has provided resources for studying the microbiome and its relationship to disease; this Perspective summarizes the key achievements and findings of the project and its relationship to the broader field.

    • Lita M. Proctor
    • , Heather H. Creasy
    •  & Curtis Huttenhower
  • Letter |

    Reproducing the complex process of spermatogenesis in vitro might lead to the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for male infertility. This study establishes in vitro organ culture conditions that can support complete spermatogenesis in mice. The in-vitro-derived spermatids and sperm produced healthy and fertile mice, and testis tissue fragments used as a starting material for in vitro spermatogenesis could be cryopreserved for months and then resumed full spermatogenesis in vitro.

    • Takuya Sato
    • , Kumiko Katagiri
    •  & Takehiko Ogawa