Regeneration is the process by which lost or damaged tissues, organs or limbs are re-formed from the remaining tissue. During regeneration, adult stem cells and/or progenitor cells differentiate to replace the missing tissue, although in some instances differentiated cells can also participate in the regeneration by proliferation or transdifferentiation.

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    Wounds in the mouth heal faster than in skin — and without scarring. Could unravelling the mechanisms that drive regeneration in the oral cavity lead to better wound therapies?

    • Natalie Healey
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    The vast potential of these building blocks of regenerative medicine is coming closer to being realized.

    • Richard Hodson
    Nature 597, S5
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    Regenerative therapies for the eyes could help to save vision in people with glaucoma, macular degeneration and damaged corneas.

    • Neil Savage
    Nature 597, S24-S26