Quantum physics

Quantum physics is the study of matter and energy at its most fundamental level. A central tenet of quantum physics is that energy comes in indivisible packets called quanta. Quanta behave very differently to macroscopic matter: particles can behave like waves, and waves behave as though they are particles.


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    A silicon-based quantum-computing platform has met key standards for reducing error — setting the stage for quantum devices that could benefit from established semiconductor microchip technologies.

    • Ada Warren
    •  & Sophia E. Economou
    Nature 601, 320-322
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    The physics of large systems is often understood as the outcome of the local operations among its components. Now, it is shown that this picture may be incomplete in quantum systems whose interactions are constrained by symmetries.

    • Álvaro M. Alhambra
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    The dynamics of quantum information and entanglement is closely linked to the physics of thermalization. A quantum simulator comprised of superconducting qubits has measured the spread of quantum information in a many-body system.

    • A. Safavi-Naini
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    The reliability of quantum computers depends on the correction of noise-induced errors, which requires additional resources. Experiments on superconducting qubits have now demonstrated the capabilities of a less-demanding scheme for error detection.

    • Morten Kjaergaard
    Nature Physics 18, 7-8