Quantum metrology

Quantum metrology uses quanta — individual packets of energy — for setting the standards that define units of measurement and for other high-precision research. Quantum mechanics sets the ultimate limit on the accuracy of any measurement. Quantum metrology, therefore, uses quantum effects to enhance precision beyond that possible through classical approaches.

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    The shift of the definition of the kilogram in 2019 away from an artefact to one relying on the Planck constant inspires technological innovation, as Naoki Kuramoto elucidates.

    • Naoki Kuramoto
    Nature Physics 18, 720
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    Entanglement can provide an extra boost in precision, but entangled states are hard to detect. A recent experiment solves this problem by letting the entangling dynamics come full circle — or not, depending on the subtle perturbation to be sensed.

    • Philipp Kunkel
    •  & Monika Schleier-Smith
    Nature Physics 18, 124-125
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    Squeezed light is useful for metrology and quantum information. An optomechanical squeezed light source that works at room temperature will facilitate the technological applications of quantum light.

    • André Xuereb
    Nature Physics 16, 710-711