Quantum information

Quantum information is problem solving and data processing using a quantum system as the information carrier, rather than binary ‘1’s and ‘0’s used in conventional computation. Quantum information systems could be able to transmit data that is fundamentally secure and solve problems that are beyond the power of modern computers.

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    Molecular spin qubits that can be controlled electrically are typically susceptible to decoherence. Holmium molecular spins provide a solution by combining robust coherence with strong spin–electric coupling.

    • Roberta Sessoli
    Nature Physics 17, 1192-1193
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    Integrating quantum technology with existing telecom infrastructure is hampered by a mismatch in operating frequencies. An optomechanical resonator now offers a strain-mediated spin–photon interface for long-distance quantum networks.

    • Lilian Childress
    •  & Jack Sankey