Quantum Hall

Quantum Hall is the quantum-level version of the Hall effect: a voltage produced as electrons flow through a magnetic field. In two-dimensional materials and at low temperatures the quantum mechanical nature of this phenomenon is evident as a series of steps in the Hall voltage with increasing applied magnetic field.

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    | Open Access

    The e moiré superlattice in twisted 2D structures becomes a highly tunable platform of strongly correlated electron systems. Here, the authors predict rich physics at small twist angles in twisted transition metal dichalcogenide bilayers, including a magic angle for flat band, interaction-driven Haldane insulator, fractional quantum anomalous Hall effect and quantum spin Hall insulators.

    • Trithep Devakul
    • , Valentin Crépel
    •  & Liang Fu
  • Research
    | Open Access

    The microscopic nature of neutral collective excitation of the fractional quantum Hall state is still debated. Here the authors show that a macroscopic ensemble of neutral excitations in the 1/3 state exhibits properties of a Bose system with an exceptionally long coherence time.

    • L. V. Kulik
    • , A. S. Zhuravlev
    •  & V. Y. Umansky
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    | Open Access

    Skyrmions, a topological spin texture, have been found in a variety of magnetic systems, including quantum hall ferromagnets. Here, Yang et al demonstrate the existence of skyrmions in domain walls in a quantum Hall ferromagnet, and suggest that these skyrmions form a 1D Wigner crystal.

    • Kaifeng Yang
    • , Katsumi Nagase
    •  & Hongwu Liu
  • Research
    | Open Access

    The quantum anomalous Hall effect has so far been limited to temperature of the order of 20 mK. Here, Fijalkowski et al. report the existence of chiral edge channels up to the Curie temperature of bulk ferromagnetism of the magnetic topological insulator with a multi-terminal Corbino geometry.

    • Kajetan M. Fijalkowski
    • , Nan Liu
    •  & Laurens W. Molenkamp

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