Protein engineering

  • Letter |

    A high-throughput mutagenesis study in a PDZ domain shows that biochemical function and adaptation primarily originate from a collectively evolving amino acid network within the structure termed a protein sector.

    • Richard N. McLaughlin Jr
    • , Frank J. Poelwijk
    •  & Rama Ranganathan
  • Review Article |

    Over the past ten years, protein engineering has established biocatalysis as a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional forms of catalysis both in the laboratory and in industry.

    • U. T. Bornscheuer
    • , G. W. Huisman
    •  & K. Robins
  • Letter |

    Although new amino acids with desirable properties can be devised, only a few have been successfully introduced into proteins by the cellular machinery. Even then, only one type of unnatural amino acid can be added to a given protein. Here, a new system has been designed that could allow the incorporation of up to 200 novel amino acids. The system involves an orthogonal ribosome that uses quadruplet — rather than triplet — codons, as well as orthogonal tRNA synthetase–tRNA pairs.

    • Heinz Neumann
    • , Kaihang Wang
    •  & Jason W. Chin