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    Brzezinski et al. establish a link between science skepticism and compliance with COVID-19 shelter-in-place policies in the United States during March and April 2020. This relationship persists after controlling for political partisanship, socio-economic factors, income, education and COVID-19 prevalence.

    • Adam Brzezinski
    • , Valentin Kecht
    •  & Austin L. Wright
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    The ethical use of publicly available datasets with human data for which consent has not been explicitly given needs urgent attention from researchers, funders, research institutes and publishers. A specific challenging case is research involving hacked data and this Perspective discusses whether and under what conditions it is morally and ethically justified to conduct such research.

    • Marcello Ienca
    •  & Effy Vayena
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    Personal carbon allowances (PCAs) could support climate mitigation efforts but would need to be carefully designed to avoid impacts on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This Perspective discusses why the time is ripe for reconsidering PCAs and provides a set of SDG-based design principles for the future adoption of PCAs.

    • Francesco Fuso Nerini
    • , Tina Fawcett
    •  & Paul Ekins
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    | Open Access

    Racism thrives in geoscience. We present an antiracism plan to support the recruitment, retention and success of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color in geoscience. Our action plan can be adapted by any organization to remove barriers to participation for all marginalized geoscientists.

    • Hendratta N. Ali
    • , Sarah L. Sheffield
    •  & Blair Schneider

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