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Plant sciences is the study of plants in all their forms and interactions using a scientific approach.


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    Light-induced ‘speckles’, or photobodies, have been long known in plants, but the mechanistic basis of their formation along with their cellular function have remained a mystery. Answers to both questions have now been provided.

    • Peter H. Quail
    Nature Plants 7, 1326-1327
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    MicroRNAs are key mobile players in many developmental and stress response pathways within plants. The role of miRNAs has now been expanded to include functioning as exogenously applied effectors and also plant-to-plant communicators of gene regulatory programs.

    • Christopher A. Brosnan
    •  & Neena Mitter
    Nature Plants 7, 1328-1329
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    | Open Access

    The logistical and practical challenges of supplying food for long-term space missions are substantial. In this comment, the authors discuss potential biotechnological approaches that could be used to aid the production of food crops in space.

    • Yongming Liu
    • , Gengxin Xie
    •  & Maozhi Ren
  • Editorial |

    Anthropogenic climate change is often portrayed as a consequence of industrialization powered by fossil fuel consumption. However, agriculture also plays a role in this complex system of causes and effects.

    Nature Plants 7, 1323
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    Nature’s pages feature a look at British wild flowers, and examine the construction of an aquarium at Crystal Palace.