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    Nonlinearity is shown to induce quantized topological transport via soliton motion; specifically, we demonstrate nonlinear Thouless pumping of photons in waveguide arrays with a non-uniformly occupied energy band.

    • Marius Jürgensen
    • , Sebabrata Mukherjee
    •  & Mikael C. Rechtsman
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    A macroscopic analogue of a spin system is shown to emerge in an ensemble of droplets bouncing on the surface of a vibrating bath, revealing symmetry-breaking phenomena such as ‘magnetic’ ordering.

    • Pedro J. Sáenz
    • , Giuseppe Pucci
    •  & John W. M. Bush
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    Spectroscopic measurements confirm that when water is adsorbed on drops of an alkali alloy at low pressure a gold-coloured metallic layer forms as electrons rapidly move from the drop into the water.

    • Philip E. Mason
    • , H. Christian Schewe
    •  & Pavel Jungwirth
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    Flexible electronic platforms would enable the integration of functional electronic circuitry with many everyday objects; here, a low-cost and fully flexible 32-bit microprocessor is produced.

    • John Biggs
    • , James Myers
    •  & Scott White
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    A large violation of the Pauli limit and re-entrant superconductivity in a magnetic field is reported for magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene, suggesting that the spin configuration of the superconducting state of this material is unlikely to consist of spin singlets.

    • Yuan Cao
    • , Jeong Min Park
    •  & Pablo Jarillo-Herrero
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    High-performance hydrodynamic simulations show that the skeletal structure of the deep-sea sponge Euplectella aspergillum reduces the hydrodynamic stresses on it, while possibly being beneficial for feeding and reproduction.

    • Giacomo Falcucci
    • , Giorgio Amati
    •  & Sauro Succi
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    A programmable quantum simulator with 256 qubits is created using neutral atoms in two-dimensional optical tweezer arrays, demonstrating a quantum phase transition and revealing new quantum phases of matter.

    • Sepehr Ebadi
    • , Tout T. Wang
    •  & Mikhail D. Lukin
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    Operating in space, NASA’s Deep Space Atomic Clock, a trapped-ion clock, is shown to have long-term stability and drift that are an order of magnitude better than current space clocks.

    • E. A. Burt
    • , J. D. Prestage
    •  & T. A. Ely
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    Cellular fluidics provides a platform of unit-cell-based, three-dimensional structures for the deterministic control of multiphase flow, transport and reaction processes.

    • Nikola A. Dudukovic
    • , Erika J. Fong
    •  & Eric B. Duoss
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    Fizeau drag of plasmon polaritons by an electron flow in strongly biased monolayer graphene is directly observed by exploiting the high electron mobility and slow plasmon propagation of Dirac electrons.

    • Wenyu Zhao
    • , Sihan Zhao
    •  & Feng Wang
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    Direct infrared nano-imaging of plasmonic waves in graphene carrying high current density reveals the Fizeau drag of plasmon polaritons by fast-moving quasi-relativistic electrons.

    • Y. Dong
    • , L. Xiong
    •  & D. N. Basov
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    As a blueprint for high-precision quantum simulation, an 18-qubit algorithm that consists of more than 1,400 two-qubit gates is demonstrated, and reconstructs the energy eigenvalues of the simulated one-dimensional wire to a precision of 1 per cent.

    • C. Neill
    • , T. McCourt
    •  & V. Smelyanskiy
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    A localization algorithm is applied to datasets obtained with conventional and high-speed atomic force microscopy to increase image resolution beyond the limits set by the radius of the tip used.

    • George R. Heath
    • , Ekaterina Kots
    •  & Simon Scheuring
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    First and second sound are experimentally observed in a two-dimensional superfluid, and the temperature-dependent sound speeds reveal the predicted jump in the superfluid density at the infinite-order Berezinskii–Kosterlitz–Thouless transition.

    • Panagiotis Christodoulou
    • , Maciej Gałka
    •  & Zoran Hadzibabic
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    Experimental measurements of vibrational sum-frequency generation spectra indicate that the dielectric response of water near an electrode may be strongly asymmetric, with different responses to positive and negative electrode charge.

    • Angelo Montenegro
    • , Chayan Dutta
    •  & Alexander V. Benderskii
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    Nanoscale imaging of edge currents in charge-neutral graphene shows that charge accumulation can explain various exotic nonlocal transport measurements, bringing into question some theories about their origins.

    • A. Aharon-Steinberg
    • , A. Marguerite
    •  & E. Zeldov
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    Hydrogen and helium mixtures can be compressed to the extreme temperature and pressure conditions found in the interior of Jupiter and Saturn, and the immiscibility revealed supports models of Jupiter that invoke a layered interior.

    • S. Brygoo
    • , P. Loubeyre
    •  & G. W. Collins
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    Using large-scale mobility data from diverse cities around the globe, a simple and robust scaling law that captures the temporal and spatial range of population movement is revealed.

    • Markus Schläpfer
    • , Lei Dong
    •  & Geoffrey B. West
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    This Perspective discusses how high-energy-density physics could tap the potential of AI-inspired algorithms for extracting relevant information and how data-driven automatic control routines may be used for optimizing high-repetition-rate experiments.

    • Peter W. Hatfield
    • , Jim A. Gaffney
    •  & Ben Williams
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    Two-dimensional electronic systems in few-layer black arsenic show gate-tunable Rashba bands with unique spin–valley flavours and unconventional quantum Hall states due to synergetic spin–orbit coupling and the Stark effect.

    • Feng Sheng
    • , Chenqiang Hua
    •  & Yi Zheng
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    A Bose-Einstein condensate of molecules is produced by pairing atoms in an atomic condensate; this transition is the bosonic analog of the Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer superfluid to BEC crossover in Fermi gases.

    • Zhendong Zhang
    • , Liangchao Chen
    •  & Cheng Chin
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    The pressure dependence and magnetic field dependence of the specific heat of a quantum magnet, SrCu2(BO3)2, demonstrate that its phase diagram contains a line of first-order transitions terminating at a critical point, in analogy with water.

    • J. Larrea Jiménez
    • , S. P. G. Crone
    •  & F. Mila
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    A dynamical study shows that vortices of electrical polarization have higher frequencies and smaller size than their magnetic counterparts, properties that are promising for electric-field-driven data processing.

    • Qian Li
    • , Vladimir A. Stoica
    •  & Haidan Wen
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    A theoretical study of non-reciprocity in collective phenomena reveals the emergence of time-dependent phases heralded by exceptional points in contexts ranging from synchronization and flocking to pattern formation.

    • Michel Fruchart
    • , Ryo Hanai
    •  & Vincenzo Vitelli
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    The quantum charge-coupled device architecture is demonstrated, with its various elements integrated into a programmable trapped-ion quantum computer and performing simple quantum operations with state-of-the-art levels of error.

    • J. M. Pino
    • , J. M. Dreiling
    •  & B. Neyenhuis
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    Magic-angle graphene is found to have an exotic phase transition where, on heating, entropy is transferred from motional to magnetic degrees of freedom, analogously to the Pomeranchuk effect in 3He.

    • Asaf Rozen
    • , Jeong Min Park
    •  & Shahal Ilani
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    | Open Access

    The successful laser cooling of trapped antihydrogen, the antimatter atom formed by an antiproton and a positron (anti-electron), is reported.

    • C. J. Baker
    • , W. Bertsche
    •  & J. S. Wurtele