Physical sciences

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    Fault-tolerant circuits for the control of a logical qubit encoded in 13 trapped ion qubits through a Bacon–Shor quantum error correction code are demonstrated.

    • Laird Egan
    • , Dripto M. Debroy
    •  & Christopher Monroe
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    So far, only indirect evidence of Wigner crystals has been reported, but a specially designed scanning tunnelling microscope is used here to directly image them in a moiré heterostructure.

    • Hongyuan Li
    • , Shaowei Li
    •  & Feng Wang
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    A study reveals a temperature-dependent cascade of different symmetry-broken electronic states in the kagome superconductor CsV3Sb5, and highlights intriguing parallels between vanadium-based kagome metals and materials exhibiting similar electronic phases.

    • He Zhao
    • , Hong Li
    •  & Ilija Zeljkovic
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    An acoustic topological gallery insulator constructed from sonic crystals made of thermoplastic rods decorated with carbon nanotube films enables the out-coupling of amplified and focused sound at audible frequencies.

    • Bolun Hu
    • , Zhiwang Zhang
    •  & Johan Christensen
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    | Open Access

    Extremely anisotropic thermal conductors based on large-area van der Waals thin films with random interlayer rotations are reported here.

    • Shi En Kim
    • , Fauzia Mujid
    •  & Jiwoong Park
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    A study reports unconventional superconductivity and a pair density wave in the kagome superconductor CsV3Sb5, and provides a basis for understanding the microscopic origin of correlated electronic states and superconductivity in vanadium-based kagome metals.

    • Hui Chen
    • , Haitao Yang
    •  & Hong-Jun Gao
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    Nonlinearity induced by a single photon is desirable because it can drive power consumption of optical devices to their fundamental quantum limit, and is demonstrated here at room temperature.

    • Anton V. Zasedatelev
    • , Anton V. Baranikov
    •  & Pavlos G. Lagoudakis
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    Two serendipitously detected dust-obscured galaxies are reported at z = 6.7 and 7.4, with estimates that such galaxies provide an additional 10–25% contribution to the total star formation rate density at z > 6.

    • Y. Fudamoto
    • , P. A. Oesch
    •  & C. White
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    The authors report 1.3 mm observations of dust emission from strongly lensed galaxies where star formation is quenched, demonstrating that gas depletion is responsible for the cessation of star formation in some high-redshift galaxies.

    • Katherine E. Whitaker
    • , Christina C. Williams
    •  & Francesco Valentino
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    In a tiny chip-based particle accelerator, phase-space control of the emerging electron beam demonstrates guiding over a length of nearly 80 micrometres and an indispensable prerequisite to electron acceleration to high energies.

    • R. Shiloh
    • , J. Illmer
    •  & P. Hommelhoff
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    | Open Access

    A biologically informed, interpretable deep learning model has been developed to evaluate molecular drivers of resistance to cancer treatment, predict clinical outcomes and guide hypotheses on disease progression.

    • Haitham A. Elmarakeby
    • , Justin Hwang
    •  & Eliezer M. Van Allen
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    A lead-optimization strategy combining porin permeation properties and biochemical potency leads to development of a new class of antibiotic based on broad inhibition of penicillin-binding proteins from Gram-negative bacteria.

    • Thomas F. Durand-Reville
    • , Alita A. Miller
    •  & Ruben A. Tommasi
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    This Review discusses the state of the art of interface optics—including refractive optics, meta-optics and moiré engineering—for the control of van der Waals polaritons.

    • Qing Zhang
    • , Guangwei Hu
    •  & Cheng-Wei Qiu
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    Gold nanoflake pairs form by self-assembly in an aqueous ligand solution and offer stable and tunable microcavities by virtue of equilibrium between attractive Casimir forces and repulsive electrostatic forces.

    • Battulga Munkhbat
    • , Adriana Canales
    •  & Timur O. Shegai
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    The metallicity of the interstellar medium measured towards 25 stars relatively near the Sun shows large variations, suggesting that infalling pristine gas is not efficiently mixed in the interstellar medium.

    • Annalisa De Cia
    • , Edward B. Jenkins
    •  & Jens-Kristian Krogager
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    Hollow colloidal capsules, each with a single micropore, act as artificial cell-like structures that can capture and release payloads such as solid particles or bacteria from the external environment.

    • Zhe Xu
    • , Theodore Hueckel
    •  & Stefano Sacanna
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    A global energy system model finds that planned fossil fuel extraction is inconsistent with limiting global warming to 1.5 °C, because the majority of fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground.

    • Dan Welsby
    • , James Price
    •  & Paul Ekins
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    Laser-free universal control of two trapped-ion qubits using a combination of radiofrequency and microwave magnetic fields achieves some of the highest fidelities ever reported for two-qubit maximally entangled states.

    • R. Srinivas
    • , S. C. Burd
    •  & D. H. Slichter
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    Enantioselective supramolecular recognition allows for the asymmetric synthesis of nitrogen stereocentres, providing chiral ammonium cations in a dynamic crystallization process.

    • Mark P. Walsh
    • , Joseph M. Phelps
    •  & Matthew O. Kitching
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    A study shows that rhombohedral graphene is an ideal platform for well-controlled tests of many-body theory and reveals that magnetism in moiré materials is fundamentally itinerant in nature.

    • Haoxin Zhou
    • , Tian Xie
    •  & Andrea F. Young
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    Multiple redox transitions in a molecular memristor can be harnessed as ‘decision trees’ to undertake complex and reconfigurable logic operations in a single time step.

    • Sreetosh Goswami
    • , Rajib Pramanick
    •  & R. Stanley Williams
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    | Open Access

    An observed one-day difference between the peaks of emission of ultraviolet and optical light from the hot spot on GM Aurigae indicates that the hot spot has a radial density gradient.

    • C. C. Espaillat
    • , C. E. Robinson
    •  & J. Muzerolle
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    Superconductivity is observed in rhombohedral trilayer graphene in the absence of a moiré superlattice, with two distinct superconducting states both occurring at a symmetry-breaking transition where the Fermi surface degeneracy changes.

    • Haoxin Zhou
    • , Tian Xie
    •  & Andrea F. Young
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    A metallaphotoredox-based cross-coupling platform is capable of activating a wide range of free alcohols using N-heterocyclic carbene salts, cleaving C–O bonds to form free carbon radicals that are then used to form new C–C bonds.

    • Zhe Dong
    •  & David W. C. MacMillan
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    | Open Access

    A single electromagnetically trapped proton is sympathetically cooled to below ambient temperature by coupling it through a superconducting LC circuit to a laser-cooled cloud of Be+ ions stored in a spatially separated trap.

    • M. Bohman
    • , V. Grunhofer
    •  & S. Ulmer
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    Directly coupling cavity photons to the photo-association resonances of pairs of atoms in a strongly interacting Fermi gas generates pair polaritons—hybrid excitaions coherently mixing photons, atom pairs and molecules.

    • Hideki Konishi
    • , Kevin Roux
    •  & Jean-Philippe Brantut
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    Restricting the initial growth temperatures used for chemical vapour deposition of graphene on metal foils produces optimum conditions for growing large areas of fold-free, single-crystal graphene.

    • Meihui Wang
    • , Ming Huang
    •  & Rodney S. Ruoff
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    Liquid ultrafast electron scattering measures structural responses in liquid water with femtosecond temporal and atomic spatial resolution to reveal a transient hydrogen bond contraction then thermalization preceding relaxation of the OH stretch.

    • Jie Yang
    • , Riccardo Dettori
    •  & Xijie Wang
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    Rechargeable Na/Cl2 and Li/Cl2 batteries are produced with a microporous carbon positive electrode, aluminium chloride in thionyl chloride as the electrolyte, and either sodium or lithium as the negative electrode.

    • Guanzhou Zhu
    • , Xin Tian
    •  & Hongjie Dai
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    Surface enhancements in glass mobility are complicated in polymers by the interplay of the surface mobile layer thickness with a second length scale (the size of the polymer chains), giving rise to a transient rubbery surface even in polymers with short chains.

    • Zhiwei Hao
    • , Asieh Ghanekarade
    •  & Biao Zuo