Phase transitions and critical phenomena

Phase transitions and critical phenomena are the changes of a system from one regime or state to another exhibiting very different properties, and the unusual effects that occur on the boundary between them. A change in the state of matter, such as from a solid to a liquid, is a classic example.

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    Finding a parameter that can accurately identify the order–disorder phase transition, especially for complex physical systems with high-dimensional configurational space, is a challenging task. Recent work proposes a machine learning approach to effectively tackle this challenge.

    • Evert van Nieuwenburg
  • News & Views |

    Scanning tunnelling microscopy experiments reveal a chiral charge density wave order underpinning the anomalous Hall effect in kagome lattice materials. Under pressure this charge order is suppressed, while superconductivity gets a boost.

    • Erik van Heumen
    Nature Materials 20, 1308-1309
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    Light pulses transiently change a metal to an insulator by unveiling a hidden ordered state.

    • Chong-Yu Ruan
    Nature Physics 17, 884-885