Personalized medicine

Personalized medicine is a therapeutic approach involving the use of an individual’s genetic and epigenetic information to tailor drug therapy or preventive care.

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    Treatment for leukaemia can fail for reasons that are not fully clear. Tracking the progress of individual cellular lineages for this type of cancer offers a way to investigate this phenomenon.

    • Tamara Prieto
    •  & Dan A. Landau
    Nature 601, 31-32
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    The MicroArray Quality Control consortium—a 16-year international effort led by the FDA and involving hundreds of scientists from academia, industry and government—helped make genomic medicine a reality.

    • Marc Salit
    •  & Janet Woodcock
    Nature Biotechnology 39, 1066-1067
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    The Pharmacogenomics Access & Reimbursement Symposium, a landmark event presented by the Golden Helix Foundation and the Pharmacogenomics Access & Reimbursement Coalition (PARC), was a one-day interactive meeting comprised of plenary keynotes from thought leaders across health care that focused on value-based strategies to improve patient access to personalized medicine. Stakeholders including patients, healthcare providers, industry, government agencies, payer organizations, health systems and health policy organizations convened to define opportunities to improve patient access to personalized medicine through best practices, successful reimbursement models, high-quality economic evaluations, and strategic alignment. Session topics included health technology assessment, health economics, health policy, and value-based payment models and innovation.

    • Sara L. Rogers
    • , George P. Patrinos
    •  & Benjamin G. Brown