Paediatric research

  • Letter
    | Open Access

    An analysis of more than 10,000 metagenomes from the TEDDY study provides a detailed functional profile of the gut microbiome in relation to islet autoimmunity, and supports the protective effects of short-chain fatty acids in early-onset type 1 diabetes.

    • Tommi Vatanen
    • , Eric A. Franzosa
    •  & Ramnik J. Xavier
  • Brief Communications Arising |

    • Yizhi Liu
    • , David Granet
    •  & Kang Zhang
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    This study reprograms fibroblasts from thanatophoric dysplasia type I (TD1) and achondroplasia (ACH) patients into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), finding that chondrogenic differentiation results in the formation of degraded cartilage; statin treatment led to significant recovery of bone growth in a mouse model of ACH.

    • Akihiro Yamashita
    • , Miho Morioka
    •  & Noriyuki Tsumaki