Optical physics

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    Engineering of the coupling between optical modes in a lithium niobate chip enables the realization of tunable, bi-directional and low-loss electro-optic frequency shifters controlled using only continuous and single-tone microwaves.

    • Yaowen Hu
    • , Mengjie Yu
    •  & Marko Lončar
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    Bloch wavefunctions of two types of hole in gallium arsenide are reconstructed by measuring the polarization of light emitted by collisions of electrons and holes accelerated by a terahertz laser.

    • J. B. Costello
    • , S. D. O’Hara
    •  & M. S. Sherwin
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    Preliminary modelling of airborne microplastics suggests that they may be exerting a minor cooling influence on the present-day atmosphere, and continued production could have increasing effects on the climate system in future.

    • Laura E. Revell
    • , Peter Kuma
    •  & Sally Gaw
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    Experiments using two coupled optical ring resonators and based on the concept of synthetic dimension reveal non-Hermitian energy band structures exhibiting topologically non-trivial knots and links.

    • Kai Wang
    • , Avik Dutt
    •  & Shanhui Fan
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    Nonlinearity is shown to induce quantized topological transport via soliton motion; specifically, we demonstrate nonlinear Thouless pumping of photons in waveguide arrays with a non-uniformly occupied energy band.

    • Marius Jürgensen
    • , Sebabrata Mukherjee
    •  & Mikael C. Rechtsman
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    Fizeau drag of plasmon polaritons by an electron flow in strongly biased monolayer graphene is directly observed by exploiting the high electron mobility and slow plasmon propagation of Dirac electrons.

    • Wenyu Zhao
    • , Sihan Zhao
    •  & Feng Wang
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    Direct infrared nano-imaging of plasmonic waves in graphene carrying high current density reveals the Fizeau drag of plasmon polaritons by fast-moving quasi-relativistic electrons.

    • Y. Dong
    • , L. Xiong
    •  & D. N. Basov
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    A quantum microscope obtains signal-to-noise beyond the photodamage limits of conventional microscopy, revealing biological structures within cells that would not otherwise be resolved.

    • Catxere A. Casacio
    • , Lars S. Madsen
    •  & Warwick P. Bowen
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    | Open Access

    A nondestructive detector of photonic qubits, comprising a single 87Rb atom trapped in the centre point of two crossed fibre-based optical resonators, is demonstrated.

    • Dominik Niemietz
    • , Pau Farrera
    •  & Gerhard Rempe
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    | Open Access

    Suitably shaped X-ray pulses are used to coherently steer the quantum dynamics of atoms’ nuclei rather than their electrons, with few-zeptosecond temporal stability of the phase control.

    • Kilian P. Heeg
    • , Andreas Kaldun
    •  & Jörg Evers
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    Nano-Raman spectroscopy reveals localization of some vibrational modes in reconstructed twisted bilayer graphene and provides qualitative insights into how electron–phonon coupling affects the vibrational and electronic properties of the material.

    • Andreij C. Gadelha
    • , Douglas A. A. Ohlberg
    •  & Ado Jorio
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    A compact, high-performance silicon photonics-based light detection and ranging system for three-dimensional imaging is developed that should be amenable to low-cost mass manufacturing

    • Christopher Rogers
    • , Alexander Y. Piggott
    •  & Remus Nicolaescu
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    By using a stimulated Brillouin scattering laser in a strontium-ion optical clock instead of the usual bulk-cavity-stabilized laser, the need for vacuum is removed and resonator volume is substantially reduced.

    • William Loh
    • , Jules Stuart
    •  & Robert McConnell
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    A surface-electrode ion-trap chip is demonstrated, which delivers all the wavelengths of light required for the preparation and operation of ion qubits.

    • R. J. Niffenegger
    • , J. Stuart
    •  & J. Chiaverini
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    The current state of programmable photonic integrated circuits is discussed, including recent developments in their building blocks, circuit architectures, electronic control and programming strategies, as well as different application spaces.

    • Wim Bogaerts
    • , Daniel Pérez
    •  & Andrea Melloni
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    By monolithically integrating piezoelectric actuators on ultralow-loss photonic circuits, soliton microcombs—a spectrum of sharp lines over a range of optical frequencies—can be modulated at high speeds with megahertz bandwidths.

    • Junqiu Liu
    • , Hao Tian
    •  & Tobias J. Kippenberg
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    Branched flow of light is experimentally observed inside a thin soap membrane, where smooth variations of the membrane thickness transform the light beam into branched filaments of enhanced intensity that keep dividing as the waves propagate.

    • Anatoly Patsyk
    • , Uri Sivan
    •  & Miguel A. Bandres
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    Laser-generated high-harmonic emission is used to image the valence potential and electron density in magnesium fluoride and calcium fluoride at the picometre scale, enabling direct probing of material properties.

    • H. Lakhotia
    • , H. Y. Kim
    •  & E. Goulielmakis
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    Wave destabilization is demonstrated in semiconductor ring lasers operating at low pumping levels, where ultrafast gain recovery leads to the emergence of a frequency comb regime owing to phase turbulence.

    • Marco Piccardo
    • , Benedikt Schwarz
    •  & Federico Capasso
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    The coupling between light and relativistic free electrons is enhanced through phase matching of electrons with optical whispering-gallery modes in dielectric microspheres and through extended modal lifetimes.

    • Ofer Kfir
    • , Hugo Lourenço-Martins
    •  & Claus Ropers
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    The strong interaction of coherent free electrons with a photonic-crystal cavity enables the measurement of the lifetimes of the cavity modes and provides a technique for multidimensional near-field imaging and spectroscopy.

    • Kangpeng Wang
    • , Raphael Dahan
    •  & Ido Kaminer
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    Pairs of photons in the Laughlin state are created by mimicking a fractional quantum Hall system using the synthetic magnetic field induced by a twisted optical cavity and Rydberg-mediated polariton interactions.

    • Logan W. Clark
    • , Nathan Schine
    •  & Jonathan Simon
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    Conventionally, heat transfer occurs by conduction, convection or radiation, but has also been theoretically predicted to occur through quantum fluctuations across a vacuum; this prediction has now been confirmed experimentally.

    • King Yan Fong
    • , Hao-Kun Li
    •  & Xiang Zhang
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    precisely controllable integrated optical gyroscope based on stimulated Brillouin scattering is used to study non-Hermitian physics, revealing a four-fold enhancement of the Sagnac scale factor near exceptional points.

    • Yu-Hung Lai
    • , Yu-Kun Lu
    •  & Kerry Vahala
  • Letter |

    Excitation to the second excited state of 229Th is used to populate the metastable state 229mTh, enabling accurate determination of the isomer’s energy, half-life and excitation linewidth.

    • Takahiko Masuda
    • , Akihiro Yoshimi
    •  & Koji Yoshimura