Nutrition disorders

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    In a rat model of short bowel syndrome, transplantation of small intestinal organoids into the colon partially restores intestinal function and improves survival—a proof of principle that organoid transplantation might have therapeutic benefit.

    • Shinya Sugimoto
    • , Eiji Kobayashi
    •  & Toshiro Sato
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    High-resolution subnational mapping of child growth failure indicators for 105 low- and middle-income countries between 2000 and 2017 shows that, despite considerable progress, substantial geographical inequalities still exist in some countries.

    • Damaris K. Kinyoki
    • , Aaron E. Osgood-Zimmerman
    •  & Simon I. Hay
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    Geospatial estimates of child growth failure in Africa provide a baseline for measuring progress and a precision public health platform to target interventions to those populations with the greatest need.

    • Aaron Osgood-Zimmerman
    • , Anoushka I. Millear
    •  & Simon I. Hay
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    As incomes grow, diets change, with varying impacts on human health and the environment; here the links are examined and suggestions made for diets that both improve health and minimize environmental impacts.

    • David Tilman
    •  & Michael Clark
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    Mutations in angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 are shown to predispose mice to colitis as a consequence of neutral amino acid malabsorption and a change in the resident microbiota; these results could explain how protein malnutrition — affecting up to one billion people — leads to intestinal inflammation.

    • Tatsuo Hashimoto
    • , Thomas Perlot
    •  & Josef M. Penninger