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    A transparent organic field-effect transistor allows the stimulation and recording of the bioelectrical activity of primary neural cells. The cells grow, differentiate and function on the device, which then provides the electrical stimulation, and enables the recording of extracellular current and optical imaging of the modulation of neuronal membrane potential.

    • Valentina Benfenati
    • , Stefano Toffanin
    •  & Michele Muccini
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    Implantable neural microelectrodes are critical to neuroscience research and emerging clinical applications including brain-controlled prostheses. A composite electrode consisting of a carbon fibre core, an insulating polymer coating and a polythiophene-based recording pad has now been developed that shows reduced chronic reactive tissue response in rats compared with existing architectures, owing to its smaller size and improved mechanical compliance with brain tissue.

    • Takashi D. Yoshida Kozai
    • , Nicholas B. Langhals
    •  & Daryl R. Kipke