Natural hazards

Natural hazards are naturally occurring events that have a negative impact on people or the environment.


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    Sensitivity of US dairy production to extreme cold and heat has diminished over recent decades in large part due to improvements in management, breeding and technology. These adaptations have benefited milk yield by reducing the vulnerability of dairy production to cold and heat stress.

    • Matthew Tom Harrison
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    | Open Access

    Devastating disasters that are predicted but ignored are known as Black Elephants—a cross between a Black Swan event and the proverbial elephant in the room. It’s time we acknowledged the looming natural hazard risks that no one wants to talk about.

    • Yolanda C. Lin
    • , Gizem Mestav Sarica
    •  & David Lallemant
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    Changing social and biophysical dynamics, as well as data limitations, in the Kivu Rift in Eastern Africa make it difficult to plan for landslide risk. A study of historical remote sensing data identifies in detail the factors impacting the evolution of this risk.

    • Anthony Vodacek
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    | Open Access

    A new generation of earthquake catalogs developed through supervised machine-learning illuminates earthquake activity with unprecedented detail. Application of unsupervised machine learning to analyze the more complete expression of seismicity in these catalogs may be the fastest route to improving earthquake forecasting.

    • Gregory C. Beroza
    • , Margarita Segou
    •  & S. Mostafa Mousavi
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    | Open Access

    Globalisation supports the clustering of critical infrastructure systems, sometimes in proximity to lower-magnitude (VEI 3–6) volcanic centres. In this emerging risk landscape, moderate volcanic eruptions might have cascading, catastrophic effects. Risk assessments ought to be considered in this light.

    • Lara Mani
    • , Asaf Tzachor
    •  & Paul Cole