Muscle stem cells

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    Specific macrophage populations provide a transient niche that activates muscle stem cells after muscle injury and supply proliferation-inducing cues that govern the repair process mediated by these cells in both zebrafish and mouse injury models.

    • Dhanushika Ratnayake
    • , Phong D. Nguyen
    •  & Peter D. Currie
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    This study shows that ageing satellite cells undergo an irreversible transition from a quiescent to a pre-senescent state that results in the loss of muscle regeneration in sarcopenia; furthermore, increased expression of p16INK4a is identified as a common feature of senescent satellite cells.

    • Pedro Sousa-Victor
    • , Susana Gutarra
    •  & Pura Muñoz-Cánoves
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    The expression of fibroblast growth factor in aged muscle fibre, the muscle stem cell niche, is shown to cause satellite cells to lose the capacity for self-renewal, and is thus an age-dependent change that directly influences stem cell quiescence and function.

    • Joe V. Chakkalakal
    • , Kieran M. Jones
    •  & Andrew S. Brack
  • Letter |

    Adult muscle stem cells are used as a model system to show that the microRNA pathway, and specifically miR-489, is essential for the maintenance of the quiescent state of an adult stem-cell population by suppressing a key proliferation factor, Dek.

    • Tom H. Cheung
    • , Navaline L. Quach
    •  & Thomas A. Rando