Materials for energy and catalysis

Materials for energy and catalysis are materials with electrochemical properties that makes them suitable for use in energy storage applications, such as batteries, and electrocatalysts.


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    There are no silver bullet chemistries for batteries — but zinc technology, with its safety, cost and environmental advantages, has received renewed interest as a choice for sustainability. Now, direct imaging sheds light on the charge carrier, clearing a major barrier to understanding and upgrading this energy system.

    • Fei Wang
    • , Kang Xu
    •  & Chunsheng Wang
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    Flexible all-perovskite tandem photovoltaics open up new opportunities for application compared to rigid devices, yet their performance lags behind. Now, researchers show that molecule-bridged interfaces mitigate charge recombination and crack formation, improving the efficiency and mechanical reliability of flexible devices.

    • Martin Stolterfoht
    •  & Felix Lang
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    An article in Nature Communications reports on a flexible semimetal with high thermopower that can enable low-temperature solid-state cooling.

    • Charlotte Allard
  • Comments & Opinion |

    Using our company’s CO2 electrolysers as a model, we describe the challenges involved in incorporating nanomaterial catalysts into industrial-scale electrolysers and suggest ways to more efficiently realize the performance improvements of academic-scale novel nanomaterials at industrial scales.

    • Aya K. Buckley
    • , Sichao Ma
    •  & Kendra P. Kuhl