Materials chemistry

Materials chemistry involves the use of chemistry for the design and synthesis of materials with interesting or potentially useful physical characteristics, such as magnetic, optical, structural or catalytic properties. It also involves the characterization, processing and molecular-level understanding of these substances.

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    Hydrogen-bonded organic frameworks can be employed to encapsulate protein therapeutics for enhanced cell uptake and intracellular biocatalysis.

    • Colette Whitfield
  • News & Views |

    The precisely ordered helical structures of biomacromolecules have long-inspired chemists to create synthetic helical polymers. Now, a new step-growth approach has enabled facile synthesis of helical polymers through the highly efficient sulfur(vi) fluoride exchange click chemistry.

    • Cangjie Yang
    •  & Jia Niu
    Nature Chemistry 13, 820-821
  • Research Highlights |

    Researchers design DNA shells to trap virus particles and thus prevent interactions between viruses and host cells.

    • Lei Tang
    Nature Methods 18, 857