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    The polar magnetic semimetal NdAlSi hosts Weyl fermions that promote helical magnetism, and defines a roadmap for future work on correlated topological matter.

    • Max Hirschberger
    •  & Yoshinori Tokura
    Nature Materials 20, 1592-1593
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    Fifty years ago saw a breakthrough in the study of vertex models, which are statistical mechanics models that have applications to ice, among other systems.

    • Zoe Budrikis
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    Molecular spin qubits that can be controlled electrically are typically susceptible to decoherence. Holmium molecular spins provide a solution by combining robust coherence with strong spin–electric coupling.

    • Roberta Sessoli
    Nature Physics 17, 1192-1193
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    A substantial spin–orbit interaction is introduced in a purely silicon heterostructure and can be tuned through an applied gate voltage.

    • Christopher H. Marrows
    Nature Materials 20, 1177-1178