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    Lymphatic endothelium secretes factors needed for heart growth and repair such as RELN, which helps with heart regeneration and cardioprotection after myocardial infarction.

    • Xiaolei Liu
    • , Ester De la Cruz
    •  & Guillermo Oliver
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    The lymphangiogenic factor PROX1 transcriptionally upregulates CPT1A, a rate-controlling enzyme in fatty acid β-oxidation, and this co-regulates lymphatic endothelial cell differentiation by epigenetic control of lymphatic gene expression, demonstrating a role for metabolism in developmental biology.

    • Brian W. Wong
    • , Xingwu Wang
    •  & Peter Carmeliet
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    The lymphatic system is thought to be derived by transdifferentiation of venous endothelium; this study shows that the origin of cardiac lymphatics is in fact more heterogeneous, including both venous and non-venous origins and that lymphangiogenesis occurs in the adult heart following myocardial infarction and can be enhanced to improve heart function.

    • Linda Klotz
    • , Sophie Norman
    •  & Paul R. Riley
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    The lymphatic endothelium is thought to arise entirely from trans-differentiation of the venous endothelium; a new mechanism of lymphatic vessel formation is identified in zebrafish, whereby the lymphatic vessels derive from specialized angioblasts within the floor of the cardinal vein.

    • J. Nicenboim
    • , G. Malkinson
    •  & K. Yaniv