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    Reading scientific papers is a necessary part of the research enterprise, but poor writing impedes the flow of information from authors to their audiences. We argue that a return to narrative in scientific writing is not incompatible with rigour and objectivity; it can mitigate information overload and achieve the core purpose of publication: to communicate.

    • Paula L. Croxson
    • , Liz Neeley
    •  & Daniela Schiller
    Nature Human Behaviour 5, 1466-1468
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    Research over the past decades has demonstrated the explanatory power of emotions, feelings, motivations, moods, and other affective processes when trying to understand and predict how we think and behave. In this consensus article, we ask: has the increasingly recognized impact of affective phenomena ushered in a new era, the era of affectivism?

    • Daniel Dukes
    • , Kathryn Abrams
    •  & David Sander
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    State of the art neural network approaches enable massive multilingual translation. How close are we to universal translation between any spoken, written or signed language?

    • Marta R. Costa-jussà