Intrauterine growth

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    Transcriptomes of about 70,000 single cells from first-trimester deciduas and placentas reveal subsets of perivascular, stromal and natural killer cells in the decidua, with distinct immunomodulatory profiles that regulate the environment necessary for successful placentation.

    • Roser Vento-Tormo
    • , Mirjana Efremova
    •  & Sarah A. Teichmann
  • Analysis
    | Open Access

    Investing in adolescents as the parents of the next generation is important for the wellbeing of current and future generations.

    • George C. Patton
    • , Craig A. Olsson
    •  & Susan M. Sawyer
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    Multi-ancestry genome-wide association analyses for birth weight in 153,781 individuals identified 60 genomic loci in which birth weight and fetal genotype were associated and found an inverse genetic correlation between birth weight and cardiometabolic risk.

    • Momoko Horikoshi
    • , Robin N. Beaumont
    •  & Rachel M. Freathy