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    High-performance scientific satellites are currently the exclusive domain of government-funded agencies. The team behind the Twinkle Space Mission is developing a new class of small and sustainable science satellites that leverages recent innovations in the commercial space sector.

    • Richard Archer
    • , Marcell Tessenyi
    •  & Ben Wilcock
    Nature Astronomy 4, 1017-1018
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    Despite increased awareness among investors, physical climate risk from extreme weather remains surprisingly unaccounted for in financial markets. Without better knowledge of this risk, the average energy investor can only hope that the next extreme event will not trigger a sudden correction to the market values of energy firms.

    • Paul A. Griffin
    Nature Energy 5, 98-100
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    Community energy groups can raise citizen finance for renewable energy projects at lower interest rates than from commercial lenders, but they often depend on price guarantee schemes. Policies providing price stability and business model innovations are needed to realize the sector’s potential contribution to the zero-carbon energy transition.

    • Tim Braunholtz-Speight
    • , Maria Sharmina
    •  & Sarah Mander
    Nature Energy 5, 127-128
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    Capacity markets are meant to ensure adequate generation capacity to avoid electricity shortages without benefitting specific technologies. Now, research shows that by minimizing investment risks over operating risks, these markets favour fossil fuels over renewable energy unless other complementary instruments are introduced.

    • Christoph Weber
    Nature Energy 4, 906-907
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    Financing costs for renewable energy technologies have decreased substantially over the past 18 years, helping make renewables more cost competitive. Leveraging the effect of financial learning and continuing the policies that facilitated favourable financing conditions are key for greater renewable energy adoption in the future.

    • Florian Egli
    • , Bjarne Steffen
    •  & Tobias S. Schmidt
    Nature Energy 4, 835-836