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    Start-ups are now the predominant source of innovation in all categories of food technology. Venture capital can accelerate innovation by enabling start-ups to pursue niche areas, iterate more rapidly and take more risks than larger companies, writes Samir Kaul.

    • Samir Kaul
    Nature Food 2, 909-910
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    The United States and other G7 countries are considering a framework for mandatory climate risk disclosure by companies. However, unless a globally acceptable hybrid corporate governance model can be forged to address the disparities among different countries’ governance systems, the proposed framework may not succeed.

    • Paul Griffin
    •  & Amy Myers Jaffe
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    As climate change impacts are felt more and more around the world, adapting to change is becoming critical. However, it is not clear whether actions being taken are effective in reducing risk and increasing resilience, and access to financing is crucial.

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    High-performance scientific satellites are currently the exclusive domain of government-funded agencies. The team behind the Twinkle Space Mission is developing a new class of small and sustainable science satellites that leverages recent innovations in the commercial space sector.

    • Richard Archer
    • , Marcell Tessenyi
    •  & Ben Wilcock
    Nature Astronomy 4, 1017-1018
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    Despite increased awareness among investors, physical climate risk from extreme weather remains surprisingly unaccounted for in financial markets. Without better knowledge of this risk, the average energy investor can only hope that the next extreme event will not trigger a sudden correction to the market values of energy firms.

    • Paul A. Griffin
    Nature Energy 5, 98-100