Experimental organisms

Experimental organisms are non-human organisms that can be studied or manipulated in a controlled setting, typically a laboratory.

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    Two microscopy approaches bring flexibility to mesoscopic imaging in the brain, allowing independent imaging in multiple regions simultaneously.

    • Nina Vogt
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    Optogenetic and thermogenetic tools have been limited to applications for single-state control of cellular processes. A single-component optogenetic tool was found to act as both a temperature sensor and a photoreceptor, enabling multi-state control of developmental signaling.

    • Maxwell Z. Wilson
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    How lymphatic vessels arise from veins is still poorly understood. A study reports the discovery of a ribosome biogenesis regulator Ddx21 as a previously unappreciated specific factor that is important for the first steps of lymphatic but not blood vessel development. The finding may lead to better strategies to selectively target lymphangiogenesis.

    • Severin Mühleder
    •  & Rui Benedito
    Nature Cell Biology 23, 1109-1110