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    Political ecology approaches are relatively absent from food systems research. With deep inequalities in food production, distribution and consumption, the study of power asymmetries is central to food justice and the co-creation of alternative futures.

    • Johanna Jacobi
    • , Gabriela Valeria Villavicencio Valdez
    •  & Kenza Benabderrazik
    Nature Food 2, 835-837
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    | Open Access

    Adaptation to climate change must be ramped up urgently. This Comment proposes three avenues to transform ambition to action: improve tracking of actions and progress, upscale investment especially in critical areas, and accelerate learning through practice.

    • Bruce Currie-Alder
    • , Cynthia Rosenzweig
    •  & Ying Wang
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    When prices are adjusted for quality, electric vehicles stood their ground to petrol cars in the early twentieth century United States. If the electricity grid had developed twenty years earlier, they might have reached a 68–79% market share and CO2 emissions per car could have declined by 60%, a new study finds.

    • Gerben Bakker
    Nature Energy 6, 947-948
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    Understanding support for or opposition to energy developments — and how it varies with proximity — is important for effective planning. A new study using public comments on a regulatory review casts further light on the geography of discourse and how it might shape action on siting energy technology.

    • Hilary Boudet
    Nature Energy 6, 945-946
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    The recent ruling in a Dutch court that Shell must curb its CO2 emissions is the latest in a series of legal moves bringing human rights concerns to bear on energy activities. This trend will have profound consequences for energy developments and for meeting climate goals.

    • Raphael J. Heffron
    Nature Energy 6, 849-851