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    Silicon has around ten times the specific capacity of graphite but its application as an anode in post-lithium-ion batteries presents huge challenges. After decades of development, silicon-based batteries are now on the verge of large-scale commercial success.

    • Yi Cui
    Nature Energy 6, 995-996
  • News & Views |

    Electrolytes are a major bottleneck in the development of solid-state batteries. Now, a molecularly engineered cellulose electrolyte is reported to have high ionic conductivity and excellent compatibility with electrodes, offering promise for high-performance solid-state batteries.

    • Sang-Young Lee
    Nature Energy 6, 949-950
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    Nancy Ryan Gray, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Gordon Research Conferences (GRC), talks to Nature Energy about her career and The GRC Power Hour, a forum for discussions about inclusivity within the scientific community.

    • James Gallagher
    Nature Energy 6, 941-942
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    Coal has powered the world, spurring development and the advancement of society; however, the time has come to consign it to the past and find new technology to support development and advancement.

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    Understanding support for or opposition to energy developments — and how it varies with proximity — is important for effective planning. A new study using public comments on a regulatory review casts further light on the geography of discourse and how it might shape action on siting energy technology.

    • Hilary Boudet
    Nature Energy 6, 945-946