Electronics, photonics and device physics

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    The physics of oriented topological graphs produces anomalous non-reciprocal topological edge states that have greater robustness to disorder and defects than the best performers at present: namely, Chern states.

    • Zhe Zhang
    • , Pierre Delplace
    •  & Romain Fleury
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    Nonlinearity induced by a single photon is desirable because it can drive power consumption of optical devices to their fundamental quantum limit, and is demonstrated here at room temperature.

    • Anton V. Zasedatelev
    • , Anton V. Baranikov
    •  & Pavlos G. Lagoudakis
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    In a tiny chip-based particle accelerator, phase-space control of the emerging electron beam demonstrates guiding over a length of nearly 80 micrometres and an indispensable prerequisite to electron acceleration to high energies.

    • R. Shiloh
    • , J. Illmer
    •  & P. Hommelhoff
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    A study shows that rhombohedral graphene is an ideal platform for well-controlled tests of many-body theory and reveals that magnetism in moiré materials is fundamentally itinerant in nature.

    • Haoxin Zhou
    • , Tian Xie
    •  & Andrea F. Young
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    Multiple redox transitions in a molecular memristor can be harnessed as ‘decision trees’ to undertake complex and reconfigurable logic operations in a single time step.

    • Sreetosh Goswami
    • , Rajib Pramanick
    •  & R. Stanley Williams
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    Flexible electronic platforms would enable the integration of functional electronic circuitry with many everyday objects; here, a low-cost and fully flexible 32-bit microprocessor is produced.

    • John Biggs
    • , James Myers
    •  & Scott White
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    Direct infrared nano-imaging of plasmonic waves in graphene carrying high current density reveals the Fizeau drag of plasmon polaritons by fast-moving quasi-relativistic electrons.

    • Y. Dong
    • , L. Xiong
    •  & D. N. Basov
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    A large electronic display textile that is flexible, breathable and withstands repeated machine-washing is integrated with a keyboard and power supply to create a wearable, durable communication tool.

    • Xiang Shi
    • , Yong Zuo
    •  & Huisheng Peng
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    Cadmium-free blue quantum dot light-emitting diodes are constructed with a quantum yield of unity, an efficiency at the theoretical limit, high brightness and long operational lifetime.

    • Taehyung Kim
    • , Kwang-Hee Kim
    •  & Eunjoo Jang
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    Microscale magnetic devices containing nanoscale spin helices produce an inductance comparable in magnitude to that of a commercial inductor, in a volume about a million times smaller.

    • Tomoyuki Yokouchi
    • , Fumitaka Kagawa
    •  & Yoshinori Tokura
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    A superconducting diode that has zero resistance in only one direction is realized in an artificially engineered superlattice without inversion symmetry, enabling directional charge transport without energy loss.

    • Fuyuki Ando
    • , Yuta Miyasaka
    •  & Teruo Ono
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    A qubit generated and stabilized in a superconducting microwave resonator by encoding it into Schrödinger cat states produced by Kerr nonlinearity and single-mode squeezing shows intrinsic robustness to phase-flip errors.

    • A. Grimm
    • , N. E. Frattini
    •  & M. H. Devoret
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    Chiral coupling between neighbouring magnetic domains is used in domain-wall racetracks to realize various all-electric logic operations by cascading the gates.

    • Zhaochu Luo
    • , Aleš Hrabec
    •  & Laura J. Heyderman
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    The existence of the Kondo cloud is revealed by the spatially resolved characterization of the oscillations of the Kondo temperature in a Fabry–Pérot interferometer and its extent is shown to be several micrometres.

    • Ivan V. Borzenets
    • , Jeongmin Shim
    •  & Michihisa Yamamoto
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    A quantum dot device designed to host four electrons is used to demonstrate Nagaoka ferromagnetism—a model of itinerant magnetism that has so far been limited to theoretical investigation.

    • J. P. Dehollain
    • , U. Mukhopadhyay
    •  & L. M. K. Vandersypen
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    Optical chiral induction and spontaneous gyrotropic electronic order are realized in the transition-metal chalcogenide 1T-TiSe2 by using illumination with mid-infrared circularly polarized light and simultaneous cooling below the critical temperature.

    • Su-Yang Xu
    • , Qiong Ma
    •  & Nuh Gedik
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    A topological laser based on the valley degree of freedom in a compact photonic crystal can be pumped electrically, bringing topological physics concepts closer to real-life applications.

    • Yongquan Zeng
    • , Udvas Chattopadhyay
    •  & Qi Jie Wang
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    Microwave-mediated coupling of electron spins separated by more than 4 mm is demonstrated, suggesting the possibility of using photons at microwave frequencies to create long-range two-qubit gates between distant spins.

    • F. Borjans
    • , X. G. Croot
    •  & J. R. Petta
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    Conventionally, heat transfer occurs by conduction, convection or radiation, but has also been theoretically predicted to occur through quantum fluctuations across a vacuum; this prediction has now been confirmed experimentally.

    • King Yan Fong
    • , Hao-Kun Li
    •  & Xiang Zhang
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    precisely controllable integrated optical gyroscope based on stimulated Brillouin scattering is used to study non-Hermitian physics, revealing a four-fold enhancement of the Sagnac scale factor near exceptional points.

    • Yu-Hung Lai
    • , Yu-Kun Lu
    •  & Kerry Vahala
  • Letter |

    A parametrically driven 30-micrometre-long silicon nanostring oscillator emits stationary path-entangled microwave radiation, squeezing the joint field operators of two thermal modes by 3.4 decibels below the vacuum level.

    • S. Barzanjeh
    • , E. S. Redchenko
    •  & J. M. Fink
  • Letter |

    Mott materials feature scale-less relaxation dynamics after the insulator-to-metal transition that make its electric triggering dependent on recent switching events.

    • Javier del Valle
    • , Pavel Salev
    •  & Ivan K. Schuller
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    Engineered dissipation is used to stabilize a Mott-insulator phase of photons trapped in a superconducting circuit, providing insights into thermalization processes in strongly correlated quantum matter.

    • Ruichao Ma
    • , Brendan Saxberg
    •  & David I. Schuster
  • Letter |

    The thermal vibrations of a carbon nanotube are directly measured in real time with high displacement sensitivity and fine time resolution, revealing dynamics undetected by previous time-averaged measurements.

    • Arthur W. Barnard
    • , Mian Zhang
    •  & Paul L. McEuen
  • Letter |

    A counter-intuitive state—known as a topological Anderson insulator—in which strong disorder leads to the formation of topologically protected rather than trivial states is realized in a photonic system.

    • Simon Stützer
    • , Yonatan Plotnik
    •  & Alexander Szameit
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    Measurements of the thermal Hall conductance in the first excited Landau level of the quantum Hall effect show the existence of a state with non-Abelian excitations.

    • Mitali Banerjee
    • , Moty Heiblum
    •  & Ady Stern