Ecosystem ecology

Ecosystem ecology is the combined study of the physical and biological components of ecosystems. It focuses on how matter and energy flow through both organisms and the abiotic components of the environment.


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    COVID-19 lockdowns stalled protected area management in many countries. New research examines how fire and on-site protected area management are interlinked, demonstrating the novel use of satellite data and statistical modelling.

    • Anupam Anand
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    As temperatures rise, plants unfold their leaves earlier in spring, but whether plant roots respond similarly is seldom quantified. Now, a meta-analysis suggests that leaf and root phenology do not respond to warming in the same way, even within the same plant types.

    • Gesche Blume-Werry
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    Roles for dimethylsulfoniopropionate-based infochemical signalling in ocean microbiome ecosystems are reported in a pair of Nature Microbiology papers.

    • Virginia P. Edgcomb
    Nature Microbiology 6, 1341-1342