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    Historical and future trends in sustainability performance show that the world’s countries have substantially overshot their fair share of most planetary boundaries, without proportional social achievements.

    • Kai Fang
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    The social cost of nitrous oxide does not account for stratospheric ozone depletion. Doing so could increase its value by 20%. Links between nitrous oxide and other nitrogen pollution impacts could make mitigation even more compelling.

    • David R. Kanter
    • , Claudia Wagner-Riddle
    •  & Gernot Wagner
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    Degraded land is being restored along an 8,000 km stretch across Sahelian countries. A new analysis reveals promising economic returns from recent projects and informs the targeting of strategies for newly pledged funds.

    • Jacob Hochard
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    The United States and other G7 countries are considering a framework for mandatory climate risk disclosure by companies. However, unless a globally acceptable hybrid corporate governance model can be forged to address the disparities among different countries’ governance systems, the proposed framework may not succeed.

    • Paul Griffin
    •  & Amy Myers Jaffe
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    At the field, farm, household and market levels, multiple options exist for diversification of activities, building resilience of food systems to stresses and shocks.

    • Thomas Hertel
    • , Ismahane Elouafi
    •  & Frank Ewert
    Nature Food 2, 832-834