Cosmology is the study of the universe; its birth, evolution, and ultimate fate. This includes further developing and refining the prevailing model, the Big Bang theory, investigating the universe’s rate of expansion, and measuring radiation left over from the Big Bang, the so-called cosmic microwave background.

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    When do we stop an ongoing science project to make room for something new? Decision-making is a complex process, ranging from budgetary considerations and tension between ongoing projects, to progress assessments and allowance for novel science developments.

    • Ofer Lahav
    •  & Joseph Silk
    Nature Astronomy 5, 855-856
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    A supernova, possibly of type Ia, gravitationally lensed by a massive cluster, is predicted to appear in the future. It has the potential to allow an independent, high-precision measurement of the Hubble constant.

    • Anupreeta More
    Nature Astronomy 5, 1094-1095
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    The European Astronomical Society awarded its most prestigious prizes during its annual meeting held from 28 June to 2 July 2021. In a way similar to last year, the meeting was entirely virtual.

    • Georges Meylan
    Nature Astronomy 5, 988-990
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    The measured blue and redshifts of galaxies within filaments in the local Universe are consistent with the large-scale flow of matter within walls, but they may also point to evidence for their rotation.

    • Katarina Kraljic
    Nature Astronomy 5, 742-743