Climate-change policy

Climate-change policy encompasses policies formulated specifically to tackle climate change and can be local, national or international in scope. These broadly fall into two categories; those designed to minimise the extent of climate change – climate change mitigation – and those intended to minimise risks and seize upon new opportunities – climate change adaptation.

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  • Editorial |

    Climate change action is moving forward, with the outcomes from COP26 setting the agenda for governments to commit to. Actors in the private sector are also setting out commitments, and climate action looks to be gaining momentum across society and around the globe.

  • Comments & Opinion |

    China’s national Sponge City Program promotes the integration of green–grey–blue infrastructure for sustainable urban-water governance. However, recent record-breaking flood events have called the efficacy of the programme into question, illustrating the need for a holistic social–natural–engineering strategy to manage future climate uncertainties.

    • Faith Ka Shun Chan
    • , Wendy Y. Chen
    •  & Yanfang Sang
  • Comments & Opinion |

    A mission-oriented approach to transform capitalism is the only way to make progress towards sustainable development, argues Mariana Mazzucato.

    • Mariana Mazzucato
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    This month, Nature Climate Change formally introduces a new content type, Policy Brief. We hope it will help to bridge the gap between researchers and policy professionals.

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    Finding effective ways to support rural communities in adapting to climate change is critical for building climate-resilient societies. Now research shows the potential of risk-transfer policies for improving adaptation and securing the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

    • Roman Hoffmann
    Nature Climate Change 11, 1019-1020
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    The social cost of nitrous oxide does not account for stratospheric ozone depletion. Doing so could increase its value by 20%. Links between nitrous oxide and other nitrogen pollution impacts could make mitigation even more compelling.

    • David R. Kanter
    • , Claudia Wagner-Riddle
    •  & Gernot Wagner
    Nature Climate Change 11, 1008-1010