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    When thinking of career progression, community-building is often overlooked in academia. Derya Baran discusses how creating strong and cross-disciplinary relationships is pivotal to flourish in your career.

    • Derya Baran
    Nature Energy 6, 938
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    Creating a gender-inclusive environment is of the utmost importance in scientific research. Zakya Kafafi and Mónica Lira-Cantú talk about how their initiative, Women in Renewable Energy, promotes a stronger presence of female scientists at conferences and in the workplace.

    • Zakya Kafafi
    •  & Mónica Lira-Cantú
    Nature Energy 6, 939-940
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    | Open Access

    Scientific revolutions have famously inspired scientists and innovation but large-scale analyses of scientific revolutions in modern science are rare. Here, the authors investigate one possible factor connected with a topic’s extraordinary growth—scientific prizes.

    • Ching Jin
    • , Yifang Ma
    •  & Brian Uzzi
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    | Open Access

    Despite their ubiquitous nature across a wide range of creative domains, it remains unclear if there is any regularity underlying the beginning of successful periods in a career. Here, the authors develop computational methods to trace the career outputs of artists, film directors, and scientists and explore how they move in their creative space along their career trajectory.

    • Lu Liu
    • , Nima Dehmamy
    •  & Dashun Wang
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    Despite concern among racially minoritized groups about environmental impacts within their communities, students of colour remain underrepresented in environmental science degree programmes in the United States and Europe. This study examines the experiences of students of colour to illuminate pathways to racial equity in the pursuit of sustainability.

    • Tania M. Schusler
    • , Charlie B. Espedido
    •  & V. Bala Chaudhary
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    Scientific visibility is key to an academic career and rooted in the traditional academic cycle of training, (informal) connections, support, publications, citations, recognition and funding — a cycle from which under-represented groups are often excluded. In this Viewpoint, five scientists discuss experiences and thoughts about disparities in scientific visibility and provide action points.

    • Tejal A. Desai
    • , Omolola Eniola-Adefeso
    •  & Princess Imoukhuede

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