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    The recent ruling in a Dutch court that Shell must curb its CO2 emissions is the latest in a series of legal moves bringing human rights concerns to bear on energy activities. This trend will have profound consequences for energy developments and for meeting climate goals.

    • Raphael J. Heffron
    Nature Energy 6, 849-851
  • News & Views |

    Understanding future costs of energy technologies is crucial for making good decisions about the energy transition. A new paper shows that some types of forecasts have done better than others.

    • Gregory F. Nemet
    Nature Energy 6, 860-861
  • News & Views |

    Labour exploitation in the agrifood sector must be addressed for sustainability. Data-driven methodologies can identify risk hotspots and facilitate development of mitigation strategies.

    • Stefan Gold
    • , Gabriela Gutierrez-Huerter O
    •  & Alexander Trautrims
    Nature Food 2, 644-645
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    The food system is increasingly reliant on a multitude of data-driven technologies that connect global supply chains and underpin productivity, trade and security. Improved governance of data exchange — through a data trust framework — will drive sustainable business growth and secure wider public benefits.

    • Steve Brewer
    • , Simon Pearson
    •  & Luc Bidaut
    Nature Food 2, 543-545
  • Editorial |

    The coronavirus pandemic and an increased demand for semiconductor technology has led to a global chip shortage — and a re-evaluation of global supply chains.

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    Unique circumstances in Taiwan led to the creation of the foundry model, where an integrated circuit manufacturer has no products of its own and its plants produce only customer designs. The model has reshaped the global semiconductor industry and is well positioned to be at the heart of technological innovation in the industry.

    • Mark Liu
    Nature Electronics 4, 318-320