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    The recent ruling in a Dutch court that Shell must curb its CO2 emissions is the latest in a series of legal moves bringing human rights concerns to bear on energy activities. This trend will have profound consequences for energy developments and for meeting climate goals.

    • Raphael J. Heffron
    Nature Energy 6, 849-851
  • News & Views |

    Labour exploitation in the agrifood sector must be addressed for sustainability. Data-driven methodologies can identify risk hotspots and facilitate development of mitigation strategies.

    • Stefan Gold
    • , Gabriela Gutierrez-Huerter O
    •  & Alexander Trautrims
    Nature Food 2, 644-645
  • News & Views |

    US–China trade relations have implications for global nitrogen and phosphorus surpluses, and increasing blue water demand. The case shows that trade policy analysis needs to integrate environmental considerations.

    • Minghao Li
    •  & Wendong Zhang
    Nature Food 2, 559-560
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    The food system is increasingly reliant on a multitude of data-driven technologies that connect global supply chains and underpin productivity, trade and security. Improved governance of data exchange — through a data trust framework — will drive sustainable business growth and secure wider public benefits.

    • Steve Brewer
    • , Simon Pearson
    •  & Luc Bidaut
    Nature Food 2, 543-545