Bone development

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    The rate of scale regeneration in zebrafish is controlled by the frequency of rhythmic travelling waves of Erk activity, which are broadcast from a central source to induce ring-like patterns of osteoblast tissue growth.

    • Alessandro De Simone
    • , Maya N. Evanitsky
    •  & Stefano Di Talia
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    Increased glutamine metabolism caused by unregulated HIF-1α signalling in mouse chondrocytes results in increased post-translational modification of collagen and skeletal dysplasia, demonstrating that strict regulation of HIF-1α signalling in chondrocytes is essential for normal bone growth.

    • Steve Stegen
    • , Kjell Laperre
    •  & Geert Carmeliet
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    During postnatal development in mice, the growth factor FGF18 induces autophagy in the chondrocyte cells of the growth plate to regulate the secretion of type II collagen, a process required for bone growth.

    • Laura Cinque
    • , Alison Forrester
    •  & Carmine Settembre
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    Bone homeostasis and repair declines with ageing and the mechanisms regulating the relationship between bone growth and blood vessel formation have remained unknown; this mouse study identifies the endothelial cells that promote the formation of new bone, a small microvessel subtype that can be identified by high CD31 and high Emcn expression.

    • Anjali P. Kusumbe
    • , Saravana K. Ramasamy
    •  & Ralf H. Adams
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    Semaphorin 3A (Sema3A) is shown to function as a protector of bone, by synchronously inhibiting osteoclastic bone resorption and promoting osteoblastic bone formation.

    • Mikihito Hayashi
    • , Tomoki Nakashima
    •  & Hiroshi Takayanagi