Biotechnology is a broad discipline in which biological processes, organisms, cells or cellular components are exploited to develop new technologies. New tools and products developed by biotechnologists are useful in research, agriculture, industry and the clinic.


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    | Open Access

    3D hybrid-micromesh assisted bioprinting (Hy-MAP) method combines 3D-printed micromesh scaffold structures and sequential hydrogel patterning for multi-cellular coculture models. This method of bioprinting enables rapid cell coculture through the allowance of various methods, including injection, dipping and draining. By using this method, vascularized tumor spheroids were formed by culturing endothelial cells, stromal cell mixtures and tumor spheroids inside separate but adjacent compartments. The novel approach described in this work will provide an alternative method for fabricating mesoscale implantable tissue engineering constructs and organ-on-a-chip applications.

    • Byungjun Lee
    • , Suryong Kim
    •  & Noo Li Jeon
  • Reviews |

    Here, the authors review current approaches to replication of the glomerulus in vitro with a focus on organ-on-a-chip, scaffolding and organoid technologies. They also discuss future directions of research, including the use of newer 3D biofabrication technologies.

    • Marta G. Valverde
    • , Luis S. Mille
    •  & Yu Shrike Zhang
  • Research
    | Open Access

    In vivo assessment of nuclease off-target activity has primarily been indirect or through ChIP-based detection of double-strand break DNA repair factors, which can be cumbersome. Here, the authors show that GUIDE-tag, enables one-step off-target genome editing analysis in mouse liver and lung.

    • Shun-Qing Liang
    • , Pengpeng Liu
    •  & Wen Xue
  • Research
    | Open Access

    Transcriptional terminators are generally viewed as hard endpoints for transcribing RNA polymerases. Here, the authors reimagine terminators as transcriptional valves with predictable read through. They engineer and characterize 1780 valves and use them for multiplexed gene regulation.

    • Matthew J. Tarnowski
    •  & Thomas E. Gorochowski
  • Research
    | Open Access

    Klotho is an anti-ageing protein whose expression is downregulated in chronic kidney disease, but the large size of the protein makes it challenging to deliver therapeutically. Here, the authors develop a Klotho-derived peptide, and show that it recapitulates the anti-fibrotic action of Klotho and prevents kidney fibrosis in mice by targeting TGF-β signalling.

    • Qian Yuan
    • , Qian Ren
    •  & Youhua Liu
  • Research
    | Open Access

    Wong et al report that the Antarctic scallop Adamussium colbecki appears to remain ice-free in shallow Antarctic marine environments where underwater ice growth is prevalent. They find that micro-ridge structures in the shell promote directed icing that may prevent the dangerous accumulation and firm attachment of buoyant ice.

    • William S. Y. Wong
    • , Lukas Hauer
    •  & Konrad Meister

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