Biophysics is the study of physical phenomena and physical processes in living things, on scales spanning molecules, cells, tissues and organisms. Biophysicists use the principles and methods of physics to understand biological systems. It is an interdisciplinary science, closely related to quantitative and systems biology.


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    The engineering of cells to express synthetic adhesion molecules creates a simple logic for patterning cell populations with visible boundaries. The approach paves the way for smart living materials and programmable biosensors.

    • Luis Ángel Fernández
    Nature 608, 267-268
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    Dipole–dipole crosstalk between fluorophores separated by a distance of less than 10 nm induces changes in their photophysics, which adds a challenge to localization microscopy in the sub-10-nm regime.

    • Karim Almahayni
    • , Malte Spiekermann
    •  & Leonhard Möckl
    Nature Methods 19, 932-933
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    Cells can sense the mechanical properties of their environment. By adjusting the ruffling of their membranes, cells respond to different viscosities of their surrounding liquid medium.

    • Laura M. Faure
    •  & Pere Roca-Cusachs
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    A paper in Physical Review Letters shows how algae cells collectively form different patterns in response to light.

    • Ankita Anirban
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    A paper in Nature Physics shows how the collective chiral motion of malaria single-cell organisms in mosquito saliva is driven by their physical properties

    • Ankita Anirban