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    Northern autumns and winters are getting warmer, and their weather is also getting blander. Observations and climate model simulations reveal that human activities have managed to make today’s weather measurably different than it was only a generation ago.

    • Dáithí A. Stone
    Nature Geoscience 14, 712-713
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    Changes in river discharge due to climate change are highly uncertain, and a recent study used a global streamflow dataset to assess whether such trends are detectable. Streamflow changes occurred more often in basins impacted by human disturbances than in pristine ones, and there was no clear signal from climate change alone.

    • Gabriele Villarini
    •  & Conrad Wasko
    Nature Climate Change 11, 725-726
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    Litigation is growing in importance as a way to achieve mitigation and equity in the face of ongoing climate change. Research now shows that currently cases are not using the latest state-of-the-art attribution science, and doing so could improve causation determination.

    • Lindene E. Patton
    Nature Climate Change 11, 644-645